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My shit. WARNING! This crap may melt off your face. :heart:

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Awesome works by people, go check 'em out! ;P


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I actually do commissions now, but I'm a little hesitant about advertising it; I figure there are a lot more talented artists out there that could use the points/cash more than I can.

If you wanna put a little chump change (if that's the appropriate term) in my jar, though, I'd be totes happy. C:

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Little Miss Fashionista. by koopastar
Little Miss Fashionista.
The lady is actually an oooooold fancharacter, her name’s Laveda. I had this weird crossover ship I used to LOVE but then I grew alienated by the Sonic fandom. Whoops. P:

She and her brother are still around (her little sister I kinda scrapped). I couldn’t take her out of the portfolio, either, so I had to take a picture of it as is.
More like RATTLORMYBONES. by koopastar

I just really fucking love the 2002 He-Man cartoon, and I REALLY LOVE the Snakemen, so I tried my hand at drawing my favorite of the bunch. <3

I’m also so used to the concept of Rattlor being a cunning and intimidating tactician; it was really funny finding out his 1980’s counterpart was actually an incompetent fucking buffoon. LOL.|

Want no more. by koopastar
Want no more.
I wonder if anyone remembers Engingo and Paperdoll...

Haven't drawn Engingo recently (or PD for that matter! owo''), so y'all might not really remember him. Gonna try and draw all of my original characters more often, though.
Never gonna get done! by koopastar
Never gonna get done!
Life is a constant Work In Progress.

Pretty much sums up most of my unfinished work nowadays. The trick is just getting it the fuck done...
Much unlike this one. HA!

Also kinda put this one down after getting hired at the hotel I used to work at. Sigh... I kinda miss it.
Look up, stay positive. by koopastar
Look up, stay positive.
Or at least try to. Iunno.

Old Koop concept design. Dropped it because fuckin'... I'm her creator, shoooosh. :U

I know it's supposed to be on Thursday, but fahkin', whatever! I finally had a chance to look through some of my old artworks from two, three years ago, and what I found was... really depressing, but inspiring.

Lemme tell you what I mean.

See, I moved to Arizona about a few years ago. December 18, right around the holidays. It was a few months after high school ended and I had just graduated! Knowing that I would not be able to I was excited to make a new life for myself. I was gonna get a job, I was gonna go to college to become an artist, life was good!

Then, I went through complete chaos.

I grew up in the country. The metaphorical sticks. The city life, and the realities of living in a place where I had literally nobody outside of the internet or New York to rely on. TL;DR -- dysfunctional family, a subpar source of income, and trouble finding the right people to trust made things really difficult for me to cope.

I got real overwhelmed, real fast. For about two years, I just didn't give a fuck about anything anymore after a certain period of time. I didn't take care of myself too much -- I mean, I groomed myself when I had too look presentable, at least. But I didn't really go out, I didn't socialize or interact with anyone; I didn't eat much, I didn't clean or draw or do much of anything! I just kinda... wallowed in my own self-pity. I no longer found anything I used to enjoy fun. I had kind of convinced myself that nobody really gave a shit whether I was around or not, I found myself annoying. I just wanted to kinda.... die out, I guess.

I suppose it was depression, looking back at it now. I didn't want to talk about it, especially not with the people I know; I didn't want it to be blown off as 'just a phase.' But I suppose it was! It sort of felt like it... God, this is really confusing. I'm sorry... Point is, yesterday I was able to look through some of my old drawings.

And it hurt. These pictures were, like, two or three years old, maybe a little newer than that. But I legitimately remember feeling proud of myself when I had finished them all, feeling really happy and refreshed. For a while, drawing seems more like a fucking chore.

Now, though, and especially looking at the shit I was capable of back then; seeing all the neat things I worked with and what I experimented on? It just might start going back the other way. Seeing all the things I used to draw, and the countless magazine pages I ripped out looking for references, I think I may have found myself some inspiration again.

I used to draw not only because I kinda hoped to make a career out of it, but because it helped me escape. I felt a little more relaxed, and HAPPIER, even when I came home to the auntie yelling at me or someone else, and I had just handed in a bunch of applications, figuring that I probably wouldn't get a call back, anyway. Even if it was a little pile of horseshit nobody would be remotely interested in, I was excited to show it to everyone I knew! To the world!!

I wanna go back to that. But I can't unless I pick up the fucking pencil and just doodle. Not give a fuck whether it looks acceptable or not, just going with whatever goes on the paper.

With that being said, lemme show you some of the things I had found in my portfolio.
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Koop Dubious
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MY LIFE: Who wants to know?-*


'Sup. People usually like to call me Koop; sometimes Bridgelina. Depends on the mood... A harbinger of bullshit art, social awkwardness, and subtle cynicism, this pudgy, pain-in-the-ass housekeeping machine lives in the southwestern region of the U.S.

How you doin'? ;>

I draw shit in vivid, bright colors. And sometimes with very, uh, "interesting" content. Watch out for those. B-) My tools of the trade include Prismacolor stuff, Copic stuff, Paint Tool SAI, pencils, watercolors and sometimes Photoshop and oil pastels. I is poor but I like to update my stock of colors from time to time. 8-)

Fire-breathing demon gargoyles, jawless vampires, bitches in red dresses, pantless thieves, rockstar zombies, muscular dudes with tails/anger problems, giant snakes with arms/legs, pissed off nerds, grumpy gamers, and American infantrymen who go by the name 'Mac Dubious' are the fuckin' shit. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise. :heart:

If you see me, track me down and say hello. I'm shy as fuck outside the Internetz, but I don't bite. Honest. ;>


.+~ You can also find me at... ~+.

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Favourite characters: Firebrand | Goku | Reptile | Broly | Ada Wong | Jill Valentine | Rioichi Cooper | Murray Hippo
Personal Quote: What's done is done. Just leave it alone, and don't regret it. - Limp Bizkit, "Boiler

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